Kapiva Wild Amla Juice 1L | Immunity and Digestion Booster | Made from Pratapgarh Amlas | No Added Sugar


  • IMMUNITY BUILDER: One of the best superfoods known to mankind is Amla. It contains high levels of antioxidants and 30x more Vitamin C than that of an orange. Compounds like tannins in Amla help fight free radicals, keeping the immunity system strong. The bioactive compounds in Amla are potent antimicrobial agents that help counter antigens like bacteria, virus and allergens. This Vitamin C rich food is also anti-inflammatory in nature and helps keep mild inflammations in check.
  • STRENGTHENS HAIR, BOOSTS DIGESTION: Amla promotes collagen production which stimulates hair follicles, promoting hair growth in the process. The iron in Amla helps strengthen the roots, wards off premature greying, and also helps keep the hair silky and lustrous. Being alkaline in nature, Amla is great for the gut health. It facilitates bowel movement and promotes digestion. It also detoxifies the body especially the liver, helping keep our system under check.
  • PRATAPGARH AMLAS IN A BOTTLE: Kapiva sources its Amlas from the heartland of Amlas – Pratapgarh, UP which has all the ideal conditions for the growth of the fruit – slightly alkaline soil and a tropical climate. These Amlas that are small in size with less water content and more nutrient concentration. We handpick these, wash them thoroughly and then cold-press them for juice extraction to retain its maximum nutrition. Essentially, we bring exactly what Nature has to offer – packed in a bottle.
  • UNCOMPROMISED QUALITY AND NO ADDED SUGAR: Kapiva doesn’t compromise in its quality. We use only small, wild Amlas, right from India’s heartland and make this juice by using the cold-pressed technology. Kapiva Amla juice has zero added sugar or any taste enhancers. This Ayurvedic juice is made in GMP approved facility, and is made from organically sourced, natural ingredients.
  • NATURAL SOURCE OF VITAMIN C: This amla juice contains no sugar, no artificial flavours, no added colours and chemicals. Our Amla juice is GMP certified and is totally plant-based hence vegan and also keto friendly. We have packed the most nutritious Amlas for you in this bottle along with the colour and nutrition, just the way nature intended! Mix 30ml of Amla Juice in 30ml water and consume it twice a day before meals. You can add honey/salt to enhance the taste.



Kapiva Wild Amla Juice comes with the taste, quality and nutrition of pure and natural Amlas. We source our Amlas from the heartland of Amla – Pratapgarh, UP where the soil is slightly alkaline in nature and the climate tropical – conditions ideal for Amla cultivation. We handpick small, wild Amlas with low water content and high nutrient concentration. The Amlas are washed thoroughly and then cold-pressed for maximum nutrition. We give a measuring cup for easy consumption.


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